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Our Story

Mapleblume was born out of a desire to create something beautiful.

Hollie and I (also known as "the twins") grew up in a family of seven, with one other sister and two brothers. Our parents were truly engineers of creativity and design. Our Dad was an entrepreneur and business owner, and our Mom was a professional hair stylist, who worked in some of the top salons in Canada. Being a very close-knit family, they instinctively passed on their ingenuity along with their wisdom, love, and unwavering belief in us that we could achieve our wildest dreams.

We were very artistic children, and we gravitated towards things that were beautiful, as many little girls do. When we got to high school, I enrolled in every art class that I could, and Hollie did the same for English and writing. My love of art easily transferred to a strong admiration for makeup, and I was constantly experimenting with makeup looks and products.

 At the same time, our Mom who was already very health conscious, began to look into skincare brands that had organic and pure ingredients, many of which could only be purchased in spas or through dermatologists. These products proved to work better on our sometimes troubled skin than many of the brands found in department stores at the time.

 Unsure how to turn my passion for art and beauty into a career, I pursued a secondary passion, getting a degree in Political Science and embarking on a career in politics. Meanwhile, Hollie studied journalism, spending a year teaching English in China.  After several years of working and living in separate parts of the country, we could feel the pull of our paths coming together again. We both still wanted to create something beautiful and had the undeniable ambition to start a new business venture.

 Enter Mapleblume. We saw that there was a void in the Canadian subscription box market for luxury brand skincare and cosmetics products that are high in quality and that provide more than just sample sized amounts. Through research and networking, we discovered some of the finest brands with the purest ingredients that we wanted to share with other people. We decided to take a risk, leave our respective careers, move to Toronto, and create a brand that we could be passionate about. Thus, Mapleblume was born.

~Sarah Fischer

Co-founder, Mapleblume Inc.