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November 06, 2017 0 Comments

A few blog posts ago, I said the two products that I think people should switch from conventional to clean right away are sunscreen and deodorant.

Most people know that there are nasty things in antiperspirant and many conventional deodorants. And we know that some deodorants and especially antiperspirants actually utilize aluminum to block sweat glands and prevent your body from the natural process of removing toxins. But we also acknowledge that there is a very rational fear associated with making the switch to a natural, nontoxic products, and that is, that it won't work. 

No one wants to use something that's "natural," but that is ineffective and might leave you feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. 

If you're wanting to "make the switch" there are a few things you need to know:

1. You will literally need to detox your armpits. After having used conventional deodorants/antiperspirants, your underarms are likely on hyperdrive and actually produce more bacteria than what is normal. 

  • This process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. You may experience increased moisture, an increase in odour and even sensitivity. 
  • Some tips: wear natural fibres (cotton), wash frequently, drink lots of water and eat greens, avoid alcohol, coffee, pork, and greasy foods.
  • Once your body has gone through the "detox phase," your natural deodorant will be much more effective. 

2. You will need to pick the best clean deodorant for you, not all are created equal, and  everyone's body makeup is different and will require different things ingredients.

Here are a few brands we highly recommend:

Mabrook & Co.

Agent Nateur

Ursa Major

Kaia Naturals

3. Take your time with this process. It is not the easiest transition, but it is so worth it! Knowing that your body is not absorbing aluminum and that you are not blocking sweat glands with harsh chemicals and covering up odour with synthetic fragrances is a wonderful feeling. 

4. A few tips for applying natural deodorant:

  • Apply a thin layer, unlike conventional deodorants, you don't need to load this stuff on. A thin layer will do the trick.
  • Allow it to absorb into your skin a few minutes before putting on your clothes. Many of these contain waxes and essential oils that take a couple of minutes to absorb. In order to reduce transfer onto your clothing, wait for a few.
  • Wipe underarms before reapplication. Again, natural deodorants are generally not made to wear in thick layers, so if you are wanting a midday reapplication, give your underarms a wipe beforehand.

Now, you're all set! You can take the leap and clean up your underarm situation for a healthier way to keep odour and moisture under control. Your body will thank you for making the switch, and I guarantee you will fee so much better about it!!




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