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December 31, 2018 0 Comments

MAPLEBLUME is Changing.

Mapleblume's first beauty box went out in December 2016, and now, it's time for a change. 

We've been listening to your feedback, doing more research, developing our processes of finding the best of the best in clean beauty, and we have decided that starting in 2019, Mapleblume will become a Quarterly Box.

That's right! The Mapleblume box, will ship every 3 months, with a total of four exclusive luxury boxes in the year.
(February, May, August, November)

Why the Change?

As we continue to expand our search for luxury green beauty products, many of the brands we are wanting to work with are on the other side of the world. Developing these brand partnerships and receiving products can take some time. We want to make sure that we have the time necessary to continue to curate a premium box with products from around the world.

What is Not Changing?

We will not be changing the price of the box. The Mapleblume box with continue to be $120.00 CAD with the Subscription and $130.00 CAD for the One-Time Purchase.
We will continue to ship to Canada and the US.
Our commitment to quality and efficacy in the products we select will never change. We are driven to find the very best products free from toxic chemicals, synthetic preservatives and all the other nasties found in conventional skincare and cosmetics.

The Last of 2018

For those of you still interested in ordering one of the remaining 2018 boxes, there are a few December boxes left! This box is valued at $247.00 and contains:

  • Chi Roller Anti-Aging Jade Therapy and Regenerating Serum set from Ginger Chi - $39.45
  • Face Cream from OY-L - $72.32
  • Vital Hand Cream from NUORI - $49.00
  • Lip Treat New York from NUORI - $39.00
  • No. 2 Polish + Top Coat from Sundays - $23.70 ea.
SHOP NOW (Only available while supplies last.)
Thank you for joining us on this journey! 

We wish you warmth, wellness and beauty this holiday season and a very Happy and Luxurious New Year!

Sarah & Hollie

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